Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The 1999 Chevy Cavalier may have a manual side mirror or a power side mirror. If the Cavalier has a power side mirror, the procedure to install a new mirror is involved. This is because the door panel must come off before you can disconnect the mirror connection to remove the mirror. If your Cavalier has manual side mirrors, you should be able to install a new one in about 10 minutes. Omit the door panel removal process if you have manual side mirrors.



    Remove the three Phillips-head screws from the bottom edge of the door panel to begin removing the door panel. Remove the single screw in the rear corner of the panel, and then remove the two screws from the door-panel storage pocket.


    Insert a putty knife or trim tool between the door panel and the door. Push outward to pop out the clips. Repeat this, moving around the perimeter of the panel, until the sides and bottom of the panel hang loose. Lift the panel up a few inches, and then pull it off. Unplug the door-lock connection behind the panel.


    Unplug the cable connection between the side-mirror connection and the bottom half of the door panel. This is not applicable for Cavalier models without power mirrors.


    Remove the Phillips-head screw from the interior side-mirror cover. Grasp the cover and pull it off. Remove the Allen screw from the back side of the cover. Pull the switch connection away from the panel. If your Cavalier does not have power mirrors, there is no switch to disconnect.


    Remove the three 10 mm bolts from behind the side-mirror cover. Hold the side mirror in place while removing the bolts. This prevents the mirror from sliding off. From the outside, pull the side mirror off.


    Insert the new side mirror. The mirror has three studs. Line up the studs to make sure they go through the mounting holes. Tighten the three 10 mm bolts while holding the mirror.


    Plug in the power-mirror connection, if applicable. Replace the door panel by pushing it against the door to pop the clips back in. Tighten the six door-panel screws.


    Connect the side-mirror switch to the back side of the side-mirror panel. Tighten the Allen screw. Replace the side-mirror panel. Tighten the Phillips-head screw.


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